Keep the Elements Outside, Where They Belong

Those responsible for keeping company offices clean don’t always look forwards to the winter months, and we don’t blame them!  Between ice, salt, slush and snow, buildings have a tough time keeping their interior presentable.

matsFortunately, Consolidated Plastics has the perfect affordable solution: an outdoor floor mat designed specifically to keep the winter elements outside, where they belong. The Heavy-Duty Shoe Scraper Mat has thousands of rubber “fingers” that help scrub away dirt and trap water in any of its frozen forms, keeping the building interior dry and clean for longer.

Product Description

  • Can hold several pounds of dirt between cleanings, and is easily shaken out.
  • Contains 2500 rubber “fingers” per square foot, for       maximum effectiveness.
  • Constructed from 37% recycled rubber.
  • Overall mat thickness = 5/8 inch.
  • Beveled edges lessen the chance of tripping.
  • Sizes range from 24” x 32” to 36” x 72”.

If you want to keep your office building cleaner for longer, consider making a small investment in outdoor floor mats. Instead of spending hours using a carpet stain remover and a vacuum, you could spend a few minutes shaking and hosing off a mat.

Keep the winter elements outside, where they belong. View pricing and sizing options on the Heavy-Duty Shoe Scraper Mat’s product page.