Linkable Lightweight Flex Flow Mats!

Industrial & manufacturing companies depend on streamlined processes that don’t go wrong. The moment things go south, big money is at stake. When it comes to industrial floor mats, Consolidated Plastics understands this. That’s why we sell only the best quality mats that have all the characteristics your business is looking for.

  • Industrial Grade.

Our industrial floor mats put the i in industry! Designed specifically to be grease and oil proof, our Flex Flow industrial mats don’t take anything from anyone. Spills? Not a problem. But what about chemicals? Well, our mats are resistant to most chemicals (within reason of course). That’s not even the half of it though – our mats are welding safe & are treated with a lifetime anti-microbial treatment to prevent odors and mat degradation.

  • Customizable Sizing.

We provide several types of sizing options. The first style is a modular-tile mat with connectors on all sides to link to other tiles. Edges and corners without connectors are also available. This gives you complete control on the shape and total square footage of your industrial matting. The second option is similar, but only has connectors on 1 set of opposite sides of each tile, perfect for making straight industrial floor mat paths.

  • Lightweight & Flexible.

All of our Flex Flow industrial matting is lightweight and flexible, making for easy installation and replacement. Another benefit of these characteristics is ease of cleaning; it’s a simple matter to pick up a modular tile and hose it off.

  • Slip Resistant.

No industrial mat would be complete if it wasn’t slip resistant. At Consolidated Plastics, we know that workers falling and potentially injuring themselves is very bad for business. Our mats are sure to provide the best possible traction, even when wet.

  • Environmentally Friendly.

In modern America, going green has been a huge goal of both the United States government and businesses operating within her borders. Our Flew Flow mats are constructed out of 15% recycled rubber content, and are more environmentally friendly that many of our competitors’ industrial floor mat equivalents.

If your industrial and/or manufacturing company needs new floor mats, Consolidated Plastics has what you need! Contact us today to learn more about how our company can meet your needs.

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