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Industries & Commercial Mat Usage Guide

Industries & Commercial Mat Usage Guide

In this dynamic world, is seems like the only constant is change itself, particularly in regards to technology. You sit down with a cup of coffee, and up pops a notice of a system update. Favorite websites turn into confusing labyrinths of links. We know the tech world can be daunting, which is why we keep the Consolidated Plastics website intuitive and easy to use. Become – and stay – the person who knows where to find the plastic products that your company needs, through the convenience of the easy-to-use Consolidated Plastics website. Here’s what we mean:

Say, for a moment, you’re looking for the perfect plastic bag. An important item, since the ideal bag can literally make or break your product. You’ve done your research, sifted through your search engine results and landed, happily, here on the Consolidated Plastics site. Now, you’re bracing yourself for more research.

Instead, take a look at our plastic bag guide. The handy Consolidated Plastics product directory can be found by selecting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tab at the top of the screen. From there, scroll down to find the section entitled “Buying Guides”. The Plastic Bags Buying Guide is the page for you. Our step-by-step guide not only provides links to every category of bag offered by Consolidated Plastics, but also clearly explains how to identify each bag type.

But what if, instead of a bag, you’re looking for the best mat? Of course, we have mat-seekers covered as well. Looking at our website, simply click on the “Industries & Mat Usage” link, located on the left side of every screen under the general heading of “Shop Floor Mats”. This will lead you to a list of possible industries your business may fall under. (If your specific business is not listed, simply choose a close alternative. Imagine you’re a cozy bookstore with an attached coffee shop. There may not be a specific listing for that exact combination, but you can choose another retail business that seems sympatico.) Using our wide variety of mat options, you can then determine if the retail section could be the best fit or if, perhaps, you might consider the ‘school’ category with its close ties to libraries and readers.

Not looking for bags or mats? Scroll down to the blue button on the bottom left-hand corner of each page. This will allow you to talk in real time with our friendly Live Chat customer service. There are a multitude of products offered by Consolidated Plastics, and our LiveChat representatives can help you sort through them all to find exactly what you need. If you get stuck or have a question, they’re always happy to help.

Now you know at least some of the tips and tricks that our own professional researchers suggested to help you in your search. With our wide inventory, you can now find virtually every type of bag and mat your business needs today, and you know where to look for more tomorrow. As a fellow plastics insider, welcome to the Consolidated Plastics team!

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