‘Pained’ to ‘Pampered’ Feet – Introducing our New Stylist Elite Mats

Standing all day is no small task. And with well over a million practicing hairstylists in the US alone, more than a few people sacrifice their feet for the cause of making others feel and look beautiful! But there are serious health problems that can arise from standing all day.

“Major health problems can arise from standing all day..”

When you stand for the majority of your working day, it can take a severe toll on your lower limbs– it can damage joints, cause fatigue and swelling in the legs and problems with the feet.

Any physical pain is never trivial. The feeling of pain is the body’s way of communicating that something is wrong.

In fact, there has been research that links prolonged standing at work to increased risk of heart problems and stroke.

In 2005, a paper that was presented to the 4th International Conference on Work Environment and Cardiovascular Diseases under the auspices the International Congress of Occupational Health (ICOH). According the authors research, “prolonged time in an upright posture at work constitutes a risk factor for the development of hypertension comparable to 20 years of aging, which in turn is one of the accepted major risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. ”

It’s not joke that it can “hurt to be beautiful.”

And a lot of people know this saying is not a farce. According to National Information Clearinghouse of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBDC), “The US hair care services industry includes about 86,000 establishments (82,000 beauty salons; 4,000 barber shops) with combined annual revenue of about $20 billion.”

That’s a lot of business! Surely, there is a way to treat our bodies with the respect they deserve. In a salon, everyone should be pampered while we explore and curate our own style. Stylists wear proper shoes and take preventative measures themselves, but standing on a hard floor is inherently damaging to your joints and physical wellbeing. Other precautions like floor mats don’t always help. Most of the time, commercial floor mats are flimsy: if they don’t cause falls, then they probably make hair-clean up seemingly impossible, not to mention that they do little to cushion the hard ground.

But there is a solution!

Together, we can curve the pain and bring physical wellness into the equation of hair-salon beauty! Our New Stylist Elite Mats were designed for this very reason! Created with our Anti-fatigue material, the Stylist Elite Mats are engineered to help provide extra cushion against the constant gravity that is put on your joints from standing all day. Easy to clean, durable through the ware and tear of foot traffic (even if you dare to wear heels on the job!), and style your customers will notice. Whether you are a salon, beauty, or barber shop, our Stylist Elite Mats will help keep your place of business easy on the eyes and on the feet.