Picking the Right Color

Color can dramatically affect the mood of a business and its customers. In different cultures, colors have various meanings. It is very important to feature the right colors in your building based on your businesses’ brand, image and intentions. The first thing you see when you enter a building are the entryway mats. If you are looking for American made, quality, entry door mats in a variety of colors and types check out Consolidated Plastics.

Here are a few tips on color selection for your new commercial mats.

  • Black. The color black represents authority and power. It also represents sophistication. Large business companies, like law firms, are likely to use black entry mats.
  • Red.  The color red is an emotionally intense color. This color brings out the excitement in people. This color is also great for decorating. Restaurants, specifically fast food, like to use reds in their space to create that warm feeling and to get people to eat and leave quickly.
  • Blue. Blue is a very popular color. It represents peacefulness, productivity and loyalty. Many companies who sell products like to use blue in their entry door mats because it attracts impulse buyers. It also creates a relaxing shopping atmosphere for customers and employees.
  • Green. Green is another popular color. This color is calm and refreshing. It is also very easy on the eyes. Green can symbolize nature, masculinity, wealth, and sophistication too. This color is great for entryway mats for all kinds of companies, especially high-class, successful companies.
  • Brown. The color brown represents genuineness and reliability. This color also reminds people of the earth and nature. This color is great for entryway mats for companies who want to show customers right away that they are loyal and dependable.

There are many other colors businesses can choose to create that perfect mood. Consolidated Plastics offers a variety of floor mats in many colors companies can choose from. They have entry mats in blue, red, brown, green, black, charcoal, burgundy, pine, maroon and more.

Contact Consolidated Plastics for your entryway mats. It could be the simple step to a successful business.