Plastics and Summer Heat

Air Temp Gauge

Photo By CipherN

Are you and your plastics ready for summer? As the days grow longer and the heat index ramps up, our thoughts turn to the hottest time of the year…you know, where we enjoy the taste of cool lemonade, the smell of flowers in gardens, fireflies dancing in the twilight and s’mores over a campfire. But the heat isn’t all fun, because with summer comes the threat of pervasive heat and potential effects on plastic products.

That said, over on the science side of Consolidated Plastics, we start by conforming to internationally recognized standards as we create safe plastic products. It’s important to remember to keep bottles cool when holding volatile chemicals, but oftentimes the summer heat can make that difficult. To reassure you, our Nalgene Griffin Low-form PMP Beakers are designed to meet the high performance standards of general laboratory use. With their silk-screened graduations and ribs for easier stacking, these handsome beakers are more than meets the eye. Not only are they made of  polypropylene, which means they have a superior chemical resistance, but they also meet the ISO/DIS 7056 International Standards for Laboratory Plasticware Accuracy. This helps to combat any air conditioning failures.

And if you like these beakers, take a look at our Nalgene™ Graduated PMP Beaker with Handle. These beakers have the same commitment to excellence, adding  handles to simplify carrying and pouring. They’re designed to withstand continuous use at high temperatures, and they’re perfect for a range of summer uses, from your lab to the neighborhood lemonade stand – just not a the same time!

Moving outdoors, floors in the summer are rarely clean, what with dirt, grass and pool water often tracked inside. Our Super Scrape Mats are made in the United States with superior scraping technology that saves carpets from muddy shoe prints. With their excellent traction and durable, 20% recycled rubber construction, Super Scrape Mats are heavy enough to withstand a breezy day while remaining pleasing to the eye. You can view a video of this mat in action on our website, where you can see how well it performs under pressure.

So, here’s yet another reason to consider Consolidated Plastics: Our products work well in every season and temperature. With the smart choice of Consolidated Plastics, summer days are simply a breeze!