The Consolidated Plastics Experience at School – Cleaner & Safer Schools

Some people look back on their school days with nostalgia, some feel relief and yet others may experience other emotions! While it would be nice to attribute the good times to the presence of plastics, they were more likely due to a dedicated teacher, loyal friends or a special extracurricular activity. Nonetheless, plastics made their mark on many a traditional schoolyard of the past, and even more clearly in the wireless, high-technology schools of today.

Along with skill, the winning kick at a soccer game requires plastic cones, lightweight goalposts and proper footwear, all courtesy of plastic. That ‘A’ in the classroom was made easier with the plastic pencil sharpener; desktop, laptop or mobile computers; interactive whiteboards; laminated flashcards – even your trusty student ID and library card. In any case, we at Consolidated Plastics are proud to have helped with some of the other plastic materials, if not the tests and homework.

One example is the classic entryway mat, helpful in snow, rain and dust in managing the tracks of muddy sneakers. With our Super Scrape Mats, you’re ready for any type of weather. Neither windy dust nor muddy rain nor sleety snow stays on your shoes and boots with this 100% long-lasting, scratch- and cut-resistant rubber. Not only is this mat more stable than lightweight imitator mats that the wind blows away, it’s made of 20% recycled rubber to help the environment. Your teachers would call that a smart choice!

If you’re looking for an even tougher mat, Consolidated Plastics presents the Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scraper Mats. With 2,500 rubber ‘fingers’ per square foot, our Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scrapers get deep into the divots and bends of every type of sole. Made of 37% recycled rubber, the Shoe-Scraper Mat traps and holds dirt in its 5/8″-thick body between cleanings to keep floors dry and safe. Simply shake the mat off outside or, for a deeper clean, hose it off with water. The added benefit of the beveled edges keeps this heavy-duty marvel flat, and prevents it from shifting and traveling with passing feet.

But what about the places in school where a mat just won’t fit? On a rainy day, recess may be canceled, but vinyl floors can still become dangerously slippery from normal foot traffic. That’s the time when our Non-Slip Safety Track Tape can hold down the edges of curling carpet or give wet stairs some extra grip. This textured, rough-surface tape promotes safety, both in hallways between classes or during assemblies in crowded gymnasiums. Simply unroll, cut to the desired length and press it into place, and you can have an extra measure of non-slip protection almost anywhere, from indoors to outdoors depending on your need. It’s perfect for everything from the monkey bars to the stairway as kids dash to math class!

So the next time you think of school, stop and consider all the accidents, slips and falls that didn’t happen because of Consolidated Plastics mats and tape!

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