Premier Brush Dry Mats

With the winter months come all of the wonderful amenities that cold weather brings: snow, ice, moisture, along with excess mud and dirt. Every business must find a way to rid their offices of the potential safety hazards that follow winter wherever it goes. Fortunately, Consolidated Plastics offers several commercial matting solutions to keep your workspace safe. Premier Brush Dry® Mats are great for offices for a variety of reasons:

Durability. This commercial mat is known for its characteristic herringbone pattern, which was made to withstand hard indoor and outdoor elements. Constructed from 24 oz. of 100% polypropylene, this mat is a perfect fit for high-traffic areas. Twice as heavy as commercial mats made by competitors, this commercial matting solution is made to absorb the snow, water, and dirt brought in on the shoes of your employees.

Safety. These commercial mats greatly enhance the safety of your office. Without such a mat, there is a greater possibility for employees and clients to slip on snow or ice previously trudged into your office. By providing brush dry commercial mats, you can trap water, snow, or dirt before it is brought further inside. In addition, the heavy-duty base of brush dry mats is slip-resistant, providing traction and an assurance from falling. These features enhance the safety of your office and ensure a clean work environment for your employees.

Cost Effectiveness. One of the greatest advantages of premier brush dry commercial mats is they are cost effective. Unlike commercial matting solutions from competitors, mats from Consolidated Plastics were made with the customer’s budget in mind. These mats provide durability and safety, while making sure you save money. You can also save the time of cleaning the floors of your office because the mats will have already collected the excess dirt and grime. In addition, premier brush dry mats are stain-resistant and the carpeting’s polypropylene material allows for easier cleaning and vacuuming.

Appearance. Lastly, the designs and patterns of premier brush dry commercial mats are neutral in appearance. With the feature of durability, these mats will still look great even after much wear and tear. Because of their ability to hide dirt and stain-resistant properties, these commercial mats will keep their looks for a longer period of time than mats from competitors. These features will keep your office clean and professional looking to accommodate your employees and important clients.

Premier Brush Dry® Mats are essential to keeping your office safe, professional, and clean during every season of the year. Make Consolidated Plastics the place you go to for all of your commercial matting needs for the upcoming winter season.

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