Recommended Workstation Floor Mats and Their Benefits

As the seasons turn for the better, we turn to the worsened state of our floors. It’s easy to wish that mud and scuff marks aren’t really there, or that they haven’t built up over time, ruining tile, scratching wood, and clumping in carpet. Look closely and you can see the impact of every person who walks across your foyer.

This is where Consolidated Plastics steps up to help you, with premium mats for some of the most demanding workplaces.

One of our premier outdoor mats is the United Mat™ Brush Scrape Mat, designed to address people stepping in from the dirty world outside. Imagine, for example, that you manage a school, or that your business clientele includes children. This mat is composed of high-performance nylon fibers that scrape off every trace of the outside world (or playground) from each little sneaker. Now, let’s switch gears and think about how tired you are when you arrive at a hotel on a rainy night. The United Mat Brush Scrape Mat has a rubber backing that prevents slipping in damp shoes, while the turf pile fabric construction whisks away water and keeps grit from settling into the fibers. In another application, picture the front door to your own office with this mat in front, available in the traditional colors of charcoal, brown, navy and burgundy – colors that never fade with sunlight. And since they’re composed of 15% recycled material, you can be assured you’re helping the environment as you make a wonderful first impression on your customers and visitors. The United Mat Brush Scrape Mat is one of our favorites and we’re proud to recommend it for your outdoor needs.

However, even the best outside mat needs a companion backup for inside. For that, we created our Custom Logo Berber Mats. When dealing with high-traffic areas, or in industries where spills are common – food service, anyone? – this mat, composed of stain-resistant polypropylene, makes cleanup a breeze. In a restaurant, hotel or busy retail shop, hundreds of people can walk through an entryway every day. Our Custom Logo Berber Mats are made to fit just where they’re needed, with sizes that range up to 13′ x 101′, and custom dimensions to the nearest half-inch. And when thinking of your own office, the Custom Logo Berber Mat can show off your company logo with 30 different colors and classic edging in either black or brown, to promote an elegant ambiance.

In just these few examples, you can see how Consolidated Plastics’ mats make your work environment safer, cleaner and more attractive. To see the full range of colors and textures for yourself, explore the various ‘Mats’ sections of our website and see which ones are ideal for your business – and how we make it a point to put your best foot forward on your office floors!

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