Renting Mats vs Buying Mats

Commercial floor mats are an important part of your building maintenance program. The right mats stop dirt and water at your door and provide a safe surface to walk on. But if you are renting floor mats, you could be paying more than seven times what you would pay if you simply purchased your own.

Here are some facts you may not know about rental mats:

1. Rental Mats are Less Convenient

Though rental matters sold as “convenient,” most users clean them daily at their own expense. Also, most mat rental companies offer limited sizes that are often too small for the job. This forces you to rent multiple mats which increases tripping hazards not to mention being unattractive.

2. Rental Mats are Less Effective at Trapping Dirt & Water

The most effective mats have a permanent by-level face reinforced with rubber to trap dirt and water below shoe level. Rental mats don’t have this and are less effective.

3. Rental Mats Require More Maintenance

The quality in appearance of rental mats very significantly. Some are more than 10 years old. Most scraper mats, anti-fatigue mats and kitchen mats are not changed out by rental companies. The user is left to clean the mats while still paying rental charges.

4. Rental Mats are Less Environmentally Friendly

They require fuel for pickup and delivery, cleaning them requires many gallons of water and chemicals and extensive energy consumption high-performance mats are cleaned in place with an environmentally friendly cleaning program of your choice.

5. Rental Mats are More Expensive Long-Term

At an average of $0.20/per square foot, a 3×5 rental mat will end up costing facilities $780.00 over a 5-year period. Purchasing a 3×5 mat would cost about $100.00.

Clearly high-performance matting is your best choice. Purchase your mats today and start enjoying the benefits and savings.