Ridding Fatigue from the Workplace

When it comes to working for a company that requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time, standing for hours can be strenuous on your heels, back, and shoulders. When sitting down isn’t an option, you’re forced to work with aches and pain, leaving you unable to work to your full potential or continue your day comfortably.  The question is “how do you prevent the inefficiency and discomfort?”

Though some solutions have been pinpointed to better posture, which requires thought you could be putting into your daily work, the most effective solution is an anti-fatigue mat. This type of mat helps prevent pain and aches by reducing the pressure placed on your body by gravity by utilizing a cushioned surface. This lets your blood flow regularly and obstructs the pain caused by standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time. This mat works well in a variety of jobs.

If you work in a warehouse, picking line, assembly line, as a cashier, as a hairstylist, or at other work stations, there are several mats you can choose from:

For jobs that don’t handle spiked or sharp objects, the Marble Cushion Mat is the perfect, more fashionable option. It has a marbleized, rubber surface bonded to a sponge base, with an overall thickness of 3/8”.

If your job deals with liquids that are susceptible to spilling, the Drain Top Cushion Mat is what you’re looking for. It is specially designed for wet and oily areas and is 7/8” thick. It also comes in 4 different colors.

If your job deals with chemicals, oils, and grease, you’ll need the Heavy Duty Diamond-Plate Sponge Mat. This mat is made of a hi-cell, super compression sponge, is self-extinguishing, and non-flammable. In addition, it has a Korosealvinyl surface bonded to a closed cell, non-absorbent sponge base, with an overall thickness of ½”.

With an anti-fatigue mat, aching muscles will no longer be a problem. Because you will be more comfortable, your efficiency will increase no matter where you work. With the excellent qualities that come with the mat, you will be safe from injury and fatigue, and, with your enhanced performance, your production will rise, also. The benefits from an anti-fatigue mat are clear, and the decision to prevent your aches and pain and improve your efficiency is just a click away.