Rubber Floor Mats vs. Vinyl Floor Mats

An ongoing debate has pitted two very different materials against each other, in an attempt to determine which makes the best matting. The simple truth however is that neither material is wholly better than the other. Both have their own strengths; therefore it should make sense that these mats were intended for two very different purposes.  Consolidated Plastics offers rubber and vinyl floor mat options in carpet top and anti-fatigue mats.

Rubber Floor Mats – Strengths:

  • Outstanding durability. Commercial rubber mats are as durable as they come, period. Unlike vinyl, rubber can easily withstand even the highest amount of traffic like nobody’s business. If you need a floor mat that won’t wear out any time soon, rubber is the way to go.
  • Amazing ergonomics. It’s hard to say if rubber floor mats are better known for their durability or the comfort they provide to those who stand / walk on them. If you’re looking for a cushiony mat that will provide optimum comfort, rubber is your best option.
  • Cleaning Options. Rubber floor mats have many efficient cleaning options that vinyl floor mats do not. Good examples include power washing and laundering. Both of these options are more likely to destroy a vinyl mat than clean it.  Power washing and laundering do work effectively for rubber mats however.

Vinyl Floor Mats – Strengths:

  • Superior Economics. Vinyl is a less expensive material than rubber, which can be extremely important to businesses on a tight budget.
  • Chemical Resistance. An interesting advantage vinyl floor mats have over commercial rubber mats is their unusual resistance to chemicals. Rubber is much more susceptible to chemical reactions, and is also less resistant to liquid absorption.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. No one wants a floor mat that doesn’t match the area’s color scheme. It is plain unsightly, not to mention distracting. This is where vinyl mats take a big win, with their ability to be produced in a huge variety of colors, or if you really wanted to, multiple colors.

As can be seen, these mats excel in very different areas. While rubber mats are typically used in the warehouse/manufacturing setting, vinyl mats are typically used in the office/store setting. Both make excellent mats.

If you are interested in learning more benefits that these types of matting can provide, contact Consolidated Plastics today! Browse their store and observe the differences in characteristics and features to find the best option to meet your needs.

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