Slip, Trip and Fall Workplace Statistics

Slips, Trips & Falls Signage

Photo By Dasr

Ever think about the amazing beauty of winter? It truly does have its charms: the serenity of snowflakes flurrying in the cold sky, the appeal of the warm fireplace, the delicious smells wafting from our kitchens.

But, of course, this winter wonderland also brings rain, sleet, and snow, all of which turns into slush — that awful combination of ice and mud that melts together just enough to soak your boots and get all over your formerly dry, clean and safe floors. Just as unappealing to look at as to clean off of freshly scrubbed floors, this hidden menace presents a serious problem to customers and employees alike.

That’s because trips, slips and falls are responsible for some 15% of all fatal and 8% of all nonfatal accidents across the nation. These numbers seem small until you realize that slips and falls account for as many as 12,000 deaths each year. That’s why OSHA issues standard requirements for clean and drainage-maintained workplaces, and why workplace safety advocates publish posters about this problem.

At Consolidated Plastics, we offer a more proactive solution to help prevent injuries and reduce your exposure to liability, with an array of high quality mats that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Our outdoor mats are long lasting, made with durable, thick rubber to prevent loss of balance and designed to withstand curling and flipping over in high winds. Our deluxe United Mat Brush Scrape Mats even help eliminate the disappointment of dirty footprints in your lobby, with nylon fibers that scour slush and debris off your shoes and boots. For the environmentally conscious, we’ve developed the Aquasorb line of mats, made for the rigorous demands of inclement weather but composed of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Moving indoors, our Ultra Anti-Fatigue Mats cushion your feet and provide support for your entire body, while simultaneously resisting oil and grease. And for an added bonus, we offer the option of embellishing your company’s logo on your mat of choice, to promote your brand and remind customers that you care about their safety and comfort. Of course, you can always request a sample of our mats to see their undeniable value for yourself.

So, while this pondering the pluses and minuses of rain, snow and slush, we encourage you to give the gift of peace of mind to your customers and employees. With dry, safe floors, Old Man Winter can be less of a nuisance and more of a time for renewal and the promise of spring.