Standing at work on Comfort Mats Decreases Fatigue and Increases Health

Standing for long periods of time is taxing on the body. Whether we are cooking, cleaning, enjoying our hobbies – like golfing or painting, or at work, we all spend a great deal of time on our feet throughout the day. It is especially true for employees who work in the food service, for airlines and for retail. These workers can have chronic pain in their joints.

But why does standing cause fatigue?

Blame a combination of gravity on a hard surface. Standing on hard surfaces puts an undue stress on your body. This stress from the pressure and weight put on joints – feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back – causes fatigue and aches.

Standing for too long can also cause a loss of energy and productivity. This happens because your heart has to work harder to get blood to your extremities.

Here at Consolidated Plastics, our premier comfort mat, the Executive Comfort Mat is the perfect mat for commercial and residential use. This gel mat is made with a solid, polyurethane construction that provides long-lasting cushioning comfort.

We don’t only want to alleviate aches and pains; we also wanted to increase energy and productivity levels too!

Providing a healthy way to stand for a longer period of time, consolidated plastics wants to not only alleviate aches and pains, but also increase energy and productivity levels too! Many advocacy groups believe that standing for long periods improves your overall health.

According to Just Stand, an advocacy group that promotes standing as much as possible, studies have proven that “standing increases energy, burns extra calories, tones muscles, improves posture, increases blood flow, and ramps up your metabolism.”

With our anti-fatigue mat, The Executive Comfort Mat, standing will not inhibit health but instead improve health, which benefits all facets of life. To better health and to comfort mats that make life that much better.