The Consolidated Plastics Experience at Home

For our next view of the Consolidated Plastics Experience, it’s time to head home.

Walking through the door, we take a moment to pause. What does home feel like? There are so many places that we can call a home – apartments, houses, condos, mobile homes and RVs, dorms – but the thing that counts is that sense of peace and relief as you step inside.  Look around, and see what first catches your eye. Is it the pictures on the walls in their plastic frames? The composite tabletop in the dining or living room? Or perhaps the jingle of plastic tags on your dog’s collar? Everywhere you look, plastics define the modern house and its care.

Underneath your feet, our own stylish at-home mats fit perfectly just inside your door. Look no further than our Majestic® Half-Oval Mats for an impressive take on the classic mat. Made here in the USA, the engineered rigid construction not only traps dirt and moisture, but also keeps the daily grime beneath shoe level for cleaner floors. In an impressive seven colors, the top of this mat is made from 100% recycled plastic drink bottles, while 20% of the underside is composed of what were formerly rubber tires. Not just eco-friendly, these Majestic Half-Oval Mats feature cleated rubber backing to keep it in place, preventing your mat from “crawling” across the floor.

If you’re looking for a thinner option, our Regal Nylon Mats add a special flourish to your front door or entryway. At only ¼” thick, this is our thinnest entryway mat, but the rounded-corner design and quality construction prevent cracking at the corners while remaining timelessly attractive in appearance. Our Regal Nylon Mat is safe for the laundry, meaning no more stained mats, and it’s available in six different colors. Most impressively, the Regal Nylon Mat features 100% static dissipative nylon yarn, a boon for everyone from babies to sock-wearers, since static isn’t really a positive experience for anybody.      

We hope this look at the Consolidated Plastics experience gives you new insight on how plastics fit into your world, and how our plastics are more than just products: They’re useful items that we’ve created to make your world a little better! On behalf of the entire Consolidated Plastics team, thank you for including us in your life!