The Logo Mat Collection by Consolidated Plastics

The ability to promote your company or business while improving the safety of your employees and customers are generally viewed as two separate objectives. Consolidated Plastics combines these two very important goals into one easy, simple solution!


The Logo Mat Collection from Consolidated Plastics allows you to put a business, non-profit, or government agency logo on a wide range of matting solutions. Consolidated Plastics has created a product that covers any indoor and outdoor matting need you may have.

Our three custom matting solutions are:

The Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat

This heavy duty Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat is great for businesses that receive lots of customers each and every day. These specially made mats are designed to absorb and hold watery substances typically left on shoes, protecting your customers from potentially slipping and keeping your place of business nice and clean.


The unique logo you created or designed will be cut into various pieces of colored fabric which is then pieced together and fused to a rubber backing, producing a stunning mat that will last for years to come. 

The Custom Logo Mat

Our high quality Custom Logo Mat design is made of durable nylon yarn that is dyed using our Perma-Dye process with Stain Stopper technology. This warrants years of flawless look and performance from your Custom Logo Mat.

You can literally create and receive any logo design you want, allowing you to precisely advertise your business to every customer who walks through your door. With our cleated rubber backings we can ensure your mat remains flat on the floor at all times, minimizing creeping and anyone accidentally tripping.


The Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat

Consolidated Plastics offers another brilliant matting solution for high traffic areas during the wet and muddy winter months. Our Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat allows your customers to easily scrape mud and snow from shoes and boots, improving your company’s overall look and cleanliness.

All of these mats provide you with an infinite choice of colors that produce a photo-realistic look you and your customers will love. Our 100% durable rubber guarantees longevity and keeps your mat from fading due to sunlight exposure.     

Consolidated Plastics makes things easy by allowing you to order all these matting solutions online! Choose from over a million logo images already in our database filled with fun and exciting images and designs. You can create a new art proof, based on your own personal digital art work. Art proofs are generated and returned to you by email in 24 hours or less and produced with no charge. After completing your order, we will ship your custom logo mat right to your door in 3 days or less. It is easy, simple and fast!

Check out our custom made Logo Mat Collection today and see what Consolidated Plastics can do for you.

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