T’was the Night Saint Nick Almost Slipped

The air was cold and ground was stark white,

As Saint Nick traveled on that fateful night.

With his reindeer at the helm he dashed on forthwith,

Oblivious to the hero that would save him that December 25th.


The white bearded man had a grand Christmas plan;

He’d deliver vast presents to the thankful in the land.

To the boys and the girls, the pure and innocent,

He’d grant them great gifts from dolls to wind instruments.


As he came to the first house on the corner of the street,

He let out a laugh and nearly leaped from his seat.

With a whisk of his hand and a stance of great poise,

He made it a point not to make any noise.


He landed in silence on the sleigh that he rode,

And began to make ready the gifts as it snowed.

He sprang to the chimney and with a quick flash,

He fell to the hearth without disturbing the ash.


He checked his surroundings to make sure it was safe,

As he placed his wet shoe on a slick tile plate.

His shoe quickly slipped and he almost lost his hat,

When his second foot fell upon a personalized door mat.


He looked down at the ground and smiled with glee,

Because he had been saved by Aquasorb Technology.

He gathered his wits, took a deep breath,

And placed down some presents for little Ben and Beth.


With a nod of the head and a wink of the eye,

He shot up the chimney and flew into the sky.

Landing softly in his sleigh and with a flick of his wrists,

Santa continued on his way as he checked off his list.


It was a close call indeed, that Christmas night,

But he continued without a hitch in the rest of his flight.

Had Kris Kringle fallen he would have certainly been whipped,

For it t’was the night Saint Nick ALMOST slipped.