Unique Opportunity to Brand Your Company

Custom Logo Mats from Consolidated Plastics

The name and logo of your company can define your business.  Corporate names and logos project an image of who you are or what your company does or perhaps provide a glimpse into your corporate history.  Branding your corporate name and logo across various marketing materials and throughout your office can engage customers and assist with recognition in your industry.

We all know that logos are critical on websites, business cards, corporate letterhead and perhaps on the lapels of your corporate salesforce, but there are other unique ways to showcase your company name and logo.  Custom floor mats, branded with your company’s logo, reinforces your brand throughout your office and can address safety concerns for everyone that enters your office.

Like business cards or custom pens and mouse pads, having your logo in a visible place advertises your product constantly: marketing at a low cost.

Consolidated Plastics offers three kinds of custom floor mats for your company:

Whether you prefer a mat that absorbs water, a quality nylon mat, or one specially designed for snow and mud, the perfect custom logo mat is readily available for your business. Consolidated Plastics’ custom mats are manufactured in the USA and our Super Scrape mats have rubber backing that is made from 15% recycled rubber tires.

Custom floor mats are a unique option for any company.  Restaurants, healthcare offices, auto dealerships and retail operations are just a few of the industries that can benefit from a custom logo mat from Consolidated Plastics.