Whats New in the World of Plastics

Plastic after being biodegraded by 10 worms

Plastic after being biodegraded by 10 worms for 30 minutes (Photo By CSIC Communications Department)

If you think of the plastics industry as established, staid and stationary, you might be surprised to learn that the field is constantly growing and changing. To many, plastic is simply a mat, a molded bottle or the keys on your computer keyboard, but behind every physical piece of plastic there’s a wealth of scientific knowledge and progress. So, as scientists across the globe work to make better and safer plastics, we turn to the most important question of all:

How does this nonstop effort benefit you? Consider the wax worm caterpillar (really a baby moth), which seems to have very little to do with, say, plastic bags. People use approximately a trillion polyethylene bags (including our Minigrip® Reclosable Bags) every year. While many people make the effort to recycle these bags after use, not everyone has that option.

This is where the wax worm caterpillar becomes important, because this type of creepy crawly can actually eat discarded plastic. Researchers at the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC) in Spain are conducting experiments to evaluate the efficacy of using the wax worm caterpillar to do what comes naturally – eating holes in plastic bags. And there are no worries for bug lovers, since the caterpillars suffer no ill effects and are safe and sound at the end of the day. Plastic just turns out to be their new favorite food, and that promises to help us reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into landfills or the world’s oceans.

A very promising scientific development, caterpillar recycling is still a ways off, but there are many other plastics innovations that could impact us right now. Closer to home, we at Consolidated Plastics have been improving mat technology, as evidenced by our Executive Comfort Mat. Ideal for both workplace and home due to its lightweight, durable polyurethane composition, this high-quality, anti-fatigue mat pleases your feet and your wallet equally, since it’s engineered to last a lifetime. Our innovative research has resulted in an easy-to-clean mat with a smoothly beveled edge to prevent trips and falls. We know it beats the top gel mat on the market, and we invite you to request a sample and give us your opinion, too!

Using science enables Consolidated Plastics to continue to improve our product quality, our value and our utility. At the same time, we welcome your feedback, since we value your input as much today as we did when we started. Please continue sending us your ideas for new applications, comments on current products, or any other thoughts on how we can do more. The plastics industry is a dynamic industry, and we look forward to every new discovery as an opportunity to make our products better for you.