Which Mat is Right for Me?

Entrance Mats

There are 3 basic categories of carpet-top mats for your entryway:

  • Vinyl backed mats are significantly less expensive than rubber backed mats. These include our bestselling Brush StepPremiere Brush Step and Economy Mats.
  • Rubber backed mats are very durable, do a better job scraping dirt, slush & snow and hold more moisture. They last longer than vinyl backed mats. The Aquasorb and Majestic mats are all made of the same high quality rubber and carpet.
  • Logo Mats to promote your company come in 3 different styles: Aquasorb Inlay for higher performance, custom logo mats for the best image and Super Scrape for outdoors.

brush dry mat

Outdoor Mats

We have 3 different outdoor mats, United Brush ScrapeSuper Scrape and Shoe Scraper. All are high quality and you can pick based on personal preference.

super scrape mat

Anti-Fatigue / Rubber Mats

We have a wide range of industrial grade anti-fatigue and industrial mats. The highest quality, best selling anti-fatigue mat is our Ultra Anti-Fatigue. For a lower cost, yet still effective anti-fatigue mat, see our Ultra Sponge and Diamond Cushion mats.

ultra anti fatigue