Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Custom Floor Mat

Dental Office Floor Mats

Dental Practice Design – Photo By Marshburnx

As a dentist in private practice, you have a lot to think about beyond providing excellent care for your patients. You have to be financially responsible, keeping the doors open and the lights on. You have to hire and manage your staff. You have to keep up with the latest technology. You have to deal with state and federal regulations, and maintain your professional standing. You have to find new clients and market your practice by building goodwill in the community.

So it might seem that selecting a high-quality floor mat isn’t on your list of top-ten priorities and, in truth, it isn’t. But when you’ve addressed the other items above, you should give some thought to the impression that a custom, high-quality rubber mat makes on your patients and office visitors.

Of course, a high-quality mat – one that’s heavy, made of water-resistant rubber and doesn’t curl, slide or flip over when it’s in place – is functional. It protects your floors, traps dirt and contains spills. It also helps prevent slips, trips and falls, a major consideration for your staff, as well as your patients. More than that, though, it welcomes people to your office and gives them the sense that you represent quality in everything you do. The best mats – like the ones we make here at Consolidated Plastics – even provide a cushion for your feet and back, reducing fatigue to make standing more comfortable.

But a custom floor mat that’s emblazoned with your logo also does something more important: It reminds your patients of you, and the fact that you’re there for them, to make their visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Often, patients visiting the dentist can instead be uncomfortable, even apprehensive, which in turn can make their minds and imaginations overly active. These feelings make them more distractable, of course, but they can also make patients more aware of visual cues in their surroundings.

And this is where your name, or the name of your practice, or your logo, become so important. Offering reassurance on both a conscious and an unconscious basis, your logo – in truth, your name, and the trust that it conveys – are an anchor for their thoughts, helping calm them as they look around the office and contemplate the immediate future, either while taking a break during a procedure or waiting to begin.

While your name and logo are prominently displayed on your signage and business cards, chances are, your logo and name aren’t visible on very many items inside your office. But the floor is everywhere, and our high-quality floor mats, customized with your logo, can be the ideal way to make your patients feel more comfortable and relaxed when they’re in your treatment areas and waiting room.

So after you’ve taken care of the major items on your business ‘to-do’ list, take a moment to order high-quality, custom floor mats from Consolidated Plastics that are imprinted with your logo, and make your patients happier and more comfortable.

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