Your Company’s Welcome Mat

First impressions matter and when guests enter your business, you want it to look its best.  Professional, tidy, warm and inviting are all characteristics that a business owner strives to achieve for their employees, their prospects and their clients.  Whether your business is a restaurant, a store-front shop, a manufacturing facility or a physician’s office, creating and presenting a consistent brand is critical.

Every detail matters, even the small things.  Customizing and branding your business begins at the front door.  Commercial-grade, fully customizable entry mats from Consolidated Plastics welcomes guests with a professional touch.  Additionally entry mats provide safety in entryways where slips & falls can happen.


Customizable commercial-grade entry mats from Consolidated Plastics are high-quality and can include your company logo, mission statement or catch phrase.  A variety of customizable mats are available including the traditional Logo Mats as well as the heavier duty Aquasorb Classic with rubber or fashion border options.  Corporate logos are cut from a selection of fabrics which is then pieced together and bonded to a rubber backing to create a beautiful and long-lasting mat.  These mats are perfect for high traffic areas and provide a professional touch.


Entry mats from Consolidated Plastics also provide practical value.  Your business’s entrance is the most traveled area inside the building and mats prevent wear on flooring and preserve the lifespan of the floor saving you money.  Mats also prevent slippery surfaces capturing unwanted dirt, debris and water.  This protects your floors from staining and can prevent slips and falls by employees and visitors to your business.

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