Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Store

A common mantra in business has always been “Location, location, location.” With the way our plastics can improve the experience in your store, the new saying should be “Plastics, plastics, plastics.” Just by going into a store, you can see how plastics are everywhere, protecting everything from the packages you buy to the floors you walk on. At Consolidated Plastics, our custom plastics make for a clean and enjoyable store environment that make customers comfortable.

When they’re out for a day’s shopping, give your customers the convenience of dedicated packaging with our Consolidated Economy Reclosable Bags for individual purchases. Our reclosable bags are also reusable, saving money and limiting impact on the environment, whether you use the strong 2-mil bags or more resilient 4-mil bags. Both of these quality polyethylene bags are FDA and USDA accepted. We recommend them for a range of products, from small components and office supplies, to artwork and perishable goods…there’s no limit on how they keep things clean and dry!

Looking elsewhere, the most memorable accessory in a store can be located directly under your feet, with our custom logo mats. Proudly displaying your pride in your business with your choice of custom logos and messages, our HD Custom Logo Mats are both beautiful and durable, since they’re made of a long-lasting nylon yarn with Stain Stopper Technology to repel dirt and pollen. At just ¼” in height, this low-profile mat is perfect for today’s cutting-edge look, with a cleated backing that clings to the floor to minimize folds and creep along the edges. To customize your mat, send us your artwork and choose from 24 different colors; Consolidated Plastics has no set up charges, and your color art proof can be viewed for free on our website.

For another ‘mat-jestic’ option, take a look at our Aquasorb® Inlay Logo Mats. The Aquasorb Classic offers the same quality we build into our HD Custom Logo Mat but with a rubber or fashion border, making it perfect for those high-traffic aisles and busy entrance ways. As with our other mats, your logo is custom-built from durable colored fabric sections, pieced together and then precision-bonded to a rubber backing made from 15% recycled automotive tires. Beautiful, rugged and long-lasting, Aquasorb Inlay Mats are available at sizes of up to 30 feet in length and, with 18 vibrant colors to choose from, your mat will reflect both the quality and personality of your store. And remember, to help you decide which mat works best in your store, go to our website and visit our exclusive buying guide to find the mat that’s best for your application and budget.

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