Your Guide to Choosing the Best Anti-Fatigue Mat

Purchasing an anti-fatigue mat may seem like a simple and intuitive task, and in reality it is when you know the tips and tricks for getting a quality anti-fatigue mat at a great price. However, not knowing quality anti-fatigue matting from poorly made anti-fatigue matting can be detrimental to the results and benefits you were expecting to receive.

Consolidated Plastics would like to present you with a full yet simplistic guide to choosing the best anti-fatigue mat for your household or business.

Types of Anti-Fatigue Matting

A major key to finding an anti-fatigue floor mat that suits your needs is recognizing the types of anti-fatigue mats on the market and their various differences.

  • Foam

Commonly found in your average household, the foam anti-fatigue mat provides sufficient support and comfort for everyday jobs at an affordable price. Typically 1/4” to 3/4” thick, foam anti-fatigue mats are easily customizable making them ideal for short stationary tasks in any bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.

  • Foam Rubber

More durable than foam anti-fatigue mats, foam rubber anti-fatigue mats are made to last and provide comfort in the harshest environments such as workshops, garages, and manufacturing plants. Ordered as individual interlocking pieces, these anti-fatigue mats can fit any workspace while providing solid support and sufficient comfort.      

  • Hard Rubber

Hard rubber anti-fatigue mats offer great support and extreme durability but very little comfort making them ideal for machine shops, the manufacturing industry, and wood shops. These anti-fatigue mats typically have holes which prevent particles and liquids from resting on the mat itself.

Additional Anti-Fatigue Matting Accessories

While anti-fatigue floor mats mainly address the issues of comfort and support while standing at home or the workplace, they provide a variety of other benefits that should be taken into consideration when choosing your anti-fatigue mat.

  • Beveled Edges – Prevent tripping by making the transition from the floor to the mat easier and safer.
  • OSHA Approved Yellow Striped Borders – Increase the mats visibility for better safety.
  • Textured Surfaces Provide a sturdier foot grip preventing potential slips and falls.
  • Chemical Resistant – Protects workers from falling or being harmed by dangerous chemicals.
  • Drainage Technology – Eliminates slippery hazards by draining liquids and waster via drainage holes and slots.
  • Stain Resistant – Allows for low maintenance due to stain fighting power.
  • Static Dissipative Keeps workers safe by absorbing electric discharges.
  • Heat Resistant Does not melt under high temperatures found welding and manufacturing areas.

What Makes a Quality Anti-Fatigue Mat? – The Five Final Factors

Once you have determined the traits and type of mat you wish to purchase, it is time to consider these Five Final Factors:

1.     Price

As stated before, your average household anti-fatigue mat will be easily affordable while the other unique anti-fatigue mats will typically be a little more expensive. However, it is important to understand that the more you pay the high quality and benefits you will receive from your anti-fatigue mat. And considering the scientific studies that speak of the detrimental health effects standing without an anti-fatigue mat can have, that higher price may well be worth the cost for a better anti-fatigue mat.

2.     Warranty

Check for the warranties, limitations, and guarantees on the anti-fatigue mat(s) you wish to purchase to make sure you are satisfied and your product is protected.

3.     The Condition Test

  1. You can easily determine whether a anti-fatigue mat is in good condition simply stand on it and quickly step off and observe the mats reaction. If the mat quickly returns to its original shape it is in good condition, however, if it fails to return to its original shape quickly or at all it is old and overused. 

4.     Pressure

Every person is different, thus it is important to find a mat that provides a perfect balance of pressure to fit your body type. You never want an anti-fatigue mat that is too firm nor too soft. An anti-fatigue floor mat that is too firm will not provide the proper comfort or circulation, while an anti-fatigue floor mat that is too soft will make it difficult to remain stationary and move with ease.

5.     Beware Products with Anti-Fatigue Traits

It is imperative that you purchase an anti-fatigue floor mat; not a floor mat with anti-fatigue traits or likenesses. Products that claim to resemble anti-fatigue characteristics and likenesses generally never produce the same benefits that real anti-fatigue mats truly provide. 

Where to Find Anti-Fatigue Mats

Many home improvement and hardware stores will provide foam rubber and hard rubber anti-fatigue matting while most other anti-fatigue matting products can be found online. And if you are looking to find the most affordable and highest quality anti-fatigue matting products on the internet, call or contact us today at Consolidated Plastics. And discover the multitude of products and solutions we have to offer.