Bucket Dolly: Our Guide to Your Success


Bucket Dolly: Our Full-Scale Guide

What is a bucket dolly? Great question! A bucket dolly helps one maneuver and manage their buckets of various shapes and sizes to best control the relative movement of said bucket. A bucket dolly is a very important tool for many workplaces, as it allows everyone to better transfer buckets full of various liquids safely and securely without having to worry about spilling. Read on to learn more about how the bucket dolly from Consolidated Plastics is a fantastic addition to any workshop, janitor’s closet, or even for at-home use as well!

Easily Transport Your Buckets While Mopping

Mopping is necessary for most businesses and homes to maintain a clean shop or house. When you’re mopping, it’s much easier to use a bucket dolly, as opposed to dragging a mop bucket around the entire area in which you’re mopping. Nobody likes to have dirty mop water sloshing around after they’ve spent a long time mopping up their floors, right? Right! So let’s prevent an incident of that nature from occurring in the future with a bucket dolly for all of your mopping needs.

5-Point Wheel System for Easy, Gliding Motion Movements

Our 5-point wheel system helps to ensure an easy glide and slide motion for when you need to move your mop bucket from one area to another. No longer must you subject yourself to manually moving your buckets of various sizes, as this bucket dolly can accommodate bucket sizes ranging from 3.5 -7 gallons. Awesome, right?

USA-Made (Ohio)

Proudly made in the United States of America. Our bucket dolly sold here at Consolidated Plastics is produced in the state of Ohio. You can count on US-based manufacturing to do the job right the first time and provide a top-tier product to help you do the job right the first time as well.

Extra Heavy Duty Quality

The quality and build of our bucket dolly is quite frankly some of the best we’ve seen. You’ll have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate the build quality developed with this product. “Extra Heavy Duty” is what a bucket dolly sold from Consolidated Plastics embodies.

Lockable Casters to Prevent Unwanted Movement

Are you wanting to prevent any unnecessary or unwanted movement with your bucket as you’re transporting it across your floor? Great! You can lock your bucket dolly in the palace with the help of the lockable casters. Ensure your bucket dolly stays put with this unique feature.

Choose Consolidated Plastics for Your Next Bucket Dolly

Choosing Consolidated Plastics for your next bucket dolly is easy. We’re the experts in plastics, and we want you to enjoy a rugged, heavy duty bucket dolly such as this for years to come. Feel free to check out all of the features of this amazing product by clicking the link below.