Commercial Trash Bags: A Buyer’s Guide from Consolidated Plastics


Commercial Trash Bags: How We Produce Our High-Quality Trash Bags

Our commercial trash bags are able to transform your business with their ease of use, their high storage capacity, their toughness when being loaded into various containers, and their various colors to signify different purposes. Here at Consolidated Plastics, we’re the experts in commercial trash bags and we want you to experience everything we have to offer when it comes to providing excellent quality commercial trash bags. Read on to discover more about how our commercial trash bags differ from the competition, and why you should choose Consolidated Plastics.

What are the Differences Between Commercial Trash Bags & Standard Trash Bags

Commercial trash bags tend to be stronger, larger, and have extra features when it comes to the overall functionality of the trash bag itself. Commercial trash bags are typically available in larger order quantities as well, primarily due to the high usage of various companies who use our commercial trash bags. 

Durability, At Scale

If you find yourself unable to find high-quality trash bags at scale, and need the durability you'd expect from a commercial trash bag supplier; Consolidated Plastics is the right choice for you. We’re able to process orders with very large quantities, to save money, time, and also promote greater scalability within your organization. The benefits of having a partner such as Consolidated Plastics within your wheelhouse of commercial grade suppliers is the fact we’re able to grow with you and see things through as you see fit.

Higher Quality

The quality of commercial trash bags you'll receive from Consolidated Plastics will be higher than what you’re used to. This is primarily due to our strict quality control efforts and our commitment to taking care of our customers with each and every product you order from us. We’re the true experts within the field of plastics, and we know the difference between good and great. Let us show you what we’re talking about with our commercial trash bag product line.

Larger Sizes Available

When it comes to commercial trash bags, If you need larger sizes for your industrial needs; we’re here to help! Our commercial trash bags vary in sizes from 6 gallons, all the way to 60 gallons. We understand there are different needs for different companies, and we've been able to successfully cater to companies just like yours for many years.

Anywhere from 6 - 60 Gallon Bags

As stated above, we can provide you with 6 - 60 gallon commercial trash bags to help get the job done right the first time. That’s what it’s all about, getting the job done right the first time. There’s nothing more frustrating than carrying out the trash and having a bag leak or bust open, which then creates more work for you and your team. Prevent this incident from occurring with the help of our ultra-tough super hexene resin bags.

Ultra-Tough Super Hexene Resin

You may be asking, what is ultra-tough super hexene resin? We’re glad you asked! It’s a compound we utilize here at Consolidated Plastics to help create an environmentally friendlier commercial trash bag, yet with greater strength and stamina than a thicker, more wasteful commercial trash bag. Overall, it’s stronger than the thicker commercial trash bags you’re used to, but it’s thinner to help reduce overall waste. How cool is that? We think so too!

Superior Puncture & Tear Resistance

On top of everything else we’ve already discussed, our commercial trash bags have superior puncture and tear resistance. It’s quite difficult for objects in our commercial trash bags to create rips, tears, and punctures when you choose commercial trash bags from Consolidated Plastics.

Choose Consolidated Plastics for Your Commercial Trash Bags!

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