Our Guide to Custom Logo Door Mats


Custom logo door mats have the ability to revamp your entire look and feel of your business’ entrance and exit area. We’re the experts within the field of floor mats, so continue reading to learn more about the benefits of incorporating a custom logo door mat into your business and see the positive effect it can bring.

What Can Your Business Do with One of Our Custom Logo Door Mats?

The opportunities are endless when it comes to customization of your custom logo door mat. Incorporating logos, designs, marketing materials, slogans and more can truly transform a first impression of your business from boring, to exciting! Let’s see what else is in store for you after you choose to order custom logo door mats to your business.

Impress Customers

Impressing customers with your excellent product or service is always the top priority, yet it’s the little things which add up over time as well. These little things can be the lighting, the signage, the music playing, etc… So why not take the extra step to further impress your customers with a custom logo door mat, where you’re putting your best foot forward for your customer to walk in and feel welcomed.

Invest in Your Business Marketing Efforts

Marketing is key to any business. When you ensure all aspects of your business’ marketing efforts are covered, from top to bottom; you’ll find success around the corner every time.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Maintaining your brand consistency everywhere the customer looks is another great marketing tactic to always keep your brand top of mind. Some of the greatest companies on earth employ this tactic, and there’s a reason why: it works! Now, do you want to be great, or just okay? We thought so! Let your business thrive with a custom logo door mat from Consolidated Plastics.

Prevent Slips & Falls

While a custom logo floor mat is a great addition to any business with the aesthetic purposes, it’s also a great addition for functional purposes. If your business is located in an area with frequent rainfall or snow, you’ll want to invest in a custom logo door mat to help prevent slips and falls at your business. The simple act of drying shoes, or stomping out snow from one’s boots can vastly improve traction to help avoid slipping and falling.

It Simply Looks Cool

The bottom line is that it looks cool! There is no denying that fact. When you have a custom logo door mat, it adds pizzazz to your storefront, or place of business. Be the coolest shop on the block with a door mat that’s up to par with the rest of your business.

Shop Consolidated Plastics for Your Custom Logo Door Mats, Today!

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