Drain Top Mats: A Buyer’s Guide from Consolidated Plastics


So you’re searching for drain top mats, is that right? Well, we're glad you stopped by our site here at Consolidated Plastics. We’re one of the leading providers of drain-top mats and we’ll be happy to explain why we’re one of the best choices for your business if you’re seeking out quality, craftsmanship, and expertise within the field of drain-top mats. Read on to learn more about why drain top mats from Consolidated Plastics will help your business be safer, run more efficiently, and provide an overall better working environment for your employees.

What is a Drain Top Mat?

A drain top mat is a mat which has holes on the top portion of the mat itself to help prevent accumulation of water, grease, or other fluids in the working environment. This process of allowing the fluids to easily drain from the top portion of the mat, to the bottom portion of the mat will help to prevent slips, falls, and injuries occurring in the workplace. A drain top mat can also help make it easier to dispose of the accumulation of water, grease, or other fluids over time; as drain top mats efficiently collect the fluids and make it easy for you and your employees to dump everything into a receptacle or bucket for proper disposal.

How Can a Drain Top Mat Improve Your Business?

We’re glad you asked! A drain top mat can help improve your business in many ways. Let’s explore what makes our drain top mats from Consolidated Plastics stand out from the competition.

  • Anti-Fatigue Wet Environment:  With anti-fatigue features and resistance to a wet environment, this drain top mat will help provide comfort and reduce the chances of a slip and fall accident occurring
  • Grease resistant matting is designed for wet and oily areas: if you have a restaurant, a body shop, or any type of business where there may be slippery fluids on the floor (water, grease, oil, etc…); you’ll want this drain top mat
  • Very thick resilient rubber provides great fatigue relief: Our products are built to last, and they provide great comfort as well
  • Safety colored borders with beveled edges provide OSHA compliance: Maintaining compliance within your business is vital to the success and safety of your employees
  • Overall mat thickness 3/4": Our mats are thick and durable, as we choose to provide quality products each and every time with our lineup of industrial grade drain top mats

Choose Drain Top Mats from Consolidated Plastics & See the Difference!

If you’re searching for drain top mats which will stand the test of time and will provide the safety features you need; choose Consolidated Plastics! We provide excellent customer service, products, and warranties on our drain top mats. Feel free to browse through our selection of drain top mat products by clicking the button below. You’ll surely find something which fits your needs for your business.