Dry Cleaner Bags: We're Here to Help Your Business Grow!


Dry Cleaner Bags: We’re Here to Help Your Business Grow!

A dry cleaner bag is a simple solution for many dry cleaning businesses, yet it’s often overlooked as the tool which keeps the business running day-to-day. A dry cleaning bag helps protect your customers’ valuable clothing which they’ve paid a fair amount of money for. Why not protect their valuable goods with some of the best dry cleaning bags on the market? Here at Consolidated Plastics, we’re the experts in all things plastic. For this reason, and many more, we encourage you to read on to discover why incorporating Consolidated Plastics' dry cleaner bags into your dry cleaner’s daily operations may be one of the best decisions you can make to protect your customers’ clothing and improve your business with quality protective materials!

Improve Your Dry Cleaner with Our Dry Cleaner Bags

As stated above, your dry cleaner is a well-oiled machine when ran properly. Our dry cleaner bags help your well-oiled machine run that much more efficiently over time. Our dry cleaner bags have strength, yet they're also lightweight; so you don’t end up weighing down the customer’s clothing over time with a heavy plastic material. 

Lightweight, Yet Durable

Lightweight and durability go hand-in-hand here at Consolidated Plastics with our dry cleaner bags. When you’re handling hundreds, maybe even thousands of garments each day as a dry cleaner, you want to know you’re not adding an extra layer of weight when you choose to cover your customer’s clothing in protective dry cleaner bags. Lugging around a lot of clothes is the nature of the job when it comes to owning and operating a dry cleaner. Let us help your day become a little easier with the help of our sturdy, yet lightweight dry cleaner bags.

Hanger Hole at Top of Each Bag

The convenient hanger hole at the top of each bag can help you pop the hanger through and place the customer’s clothing on the service rack as necessary. The hanger hole is wide enough to accommodate most hanger hooks and you’ll find this feature will likely help you avoid any unwanted tearing of the dry cleaner bag itself.

Sloped Shoulder Styling for a Perfect Fit, Every Time

One of the biggest complaints we see with dry cleaner bags is the lack of a sloped shoulder to allow natural conforming of the dry cleaner bag to the clothing garment. With our dry cleaner bags offered here at Consolidated Plastics, you no longer have to worry about an awkward fit when placing the dry cleaner bags over the clothing. The sloped shoulder styling helps to contour and protect each and every one of the customer’s clothing pieces so you can rest easy and the customer will know there’s a truly suitable layer of protection guarding their clothing once professionally cleaned.

Easy Tear-Off Perforation Within Each Roll of Dry Cleaner Bags

Our perforated tear points along the roll of dry cleaning bags makes it easy to unroll and properly tear each bag as you’re placing each article of clothing in the protective sleeve. This perforation helps you work much more efficiently and effectively.

Choose Consolidated Plastics for Your Dry Cleaner Bags, Today!

If you’re seeking out a high-quality, lightweight, durable dry cleaning bag; you’ll want to choose our product offering here at Consolidated Plastics. We’re the experts in plastics, and you’ll find our dry cleaning bags to be just what you need to help take your dry cleaner business to the next level. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we’re eager to see what you order below!