Holiday Cleanup Guide


Holiday Cleanup Guide from Consolidated Plastics

The importance of cleaning up after the holidays cannot be stated enough. It’s better to start cleaning as soon as the holidays are over, instead of waiting until well into the new year, as you’ll likely derail a lot of the forward momentum you’re experiencing with the hype and excitement of starting with a clean slate. Having everything nice and tidy for the new year will allow you to be your best version of yourself yet. Learn more about our holiday cleanup guide this holiday season by reading on and enjoying what the team at Consolidated Plastics has to offer in our latest post!

The Importance of Cleaning Up to Reduce Stress

Cleaning up to reduce stress can be extremely important for not only your mental health, but also your physical health, as stress can manifest in the physical form. Having a clean and tidy space is proven to reduce stress in many individuals. When you have a clean house after the holidays, you’re going to be much more prepared for the following months. This will allow you to accomplish those goals you’ve set and be ahead of everyone else who has decided to procrastinate on their cleaning efforts. Below is a list of some of our favorite products for your post-holiday cleanup plans!

Use Our Spray Bottles for Your Favorite Cleaning Solutions


Our spray bottles are made in Switzerland and have some of the best functionality around to ensure your cleaning projects are completed correctly the first time around. There are many spray bottles out there to choose from, yet you’ll likely find they’re nowhere near as high-quality as our spray bottle offered here at Consolidated Plastics.

Use Our Extra Large Trash Bags for Your Holiday Trash


Our extra large trash bags can handle nearly any household cleanup session. Our extra large trash bags have the ability to hold up to 60 gallons of waste. This can be a great way to consolidate a whole lot of trash post-holiday and efficiently dispose of said waste in one quick go. Our extra large trash bags have superior puncture and tear resistance. The trash bags we sell here at Consolidated Plastics are of commercial-grade standards, so you know we mean business when we’re providing some of the highest-grade trash bags around for your toughest cleanup jobs yet.


Keep Salt for the Sidewalk & Driveway in Our Industrial Buckets


If you happen to live in a colder climate which receives a decent amount of snowfall and ice formation, you’ll want to use our industrial grade buckets to store your salt for the sidewalks and driveways. Salting your sidewalks and driveways will likely save you from a rough slip and fall on the ice during the winter time. Thank yourself later on for storing your winter salt in one of our industrial grade buckets and laying it down on the sidewalks and driveway in an efficient manner.

Prevent Slips, Falls, & Damage to Your Flooring with Our High-Quality Floor Mats


Our high-quality indoor/outdoor floor mats are made to absorb water and snow, dry your shoes off, prevent slips and falls, and prevent water damage to your flooring. Making the decision to purchase one of our amazing floor mats will allow your home to not only benefit from the functionality of our floor mats, it will also enhance the aesthetic of your entryway as our floor mats have the style and design to bring out the best in any space.



Choose Consolidated Plastics for Your Holiday Cleanup for Many Years to Come!

Choosing Consolidated Plastics for your holiday cleanup will help you have the best holidays and post-holiday cleanup for many years to come. Feel free to shop now using the button below and be sure to reach out to us if you have any additional questions. We’ll be sure to respond to your message as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!