Motor Oil Bottle: How We Can Help


Motor Oil Bottle: How We Can Help

A good motor oil bottle can help your auto shop be better than ever before. Every step in the right direction, whether it’s better equipment, better processes, or better motor oil bottles; you’ll find your auto shop improving each and every day with the right accessories. Read on to learn more about how Consolidated Plastics has the right products to help your auto shop be the best it can be!

Safely House the Motor Oils Your Shop Needs to Succeed

Safety is key in any business, yet it’s especially important when you’re dealing with potential hazards, day in and day out. A properly sealed, weighted, and measured motor oil bottle can be the difference between a safe workplace and an unsafe workplace.

Constructed of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

High-Density Polyethylene is what our motor oil bottles are constructed of. We chose this material as it’s one of the best plastics to house motor oil for an extended shelf life and low degradation qualities as well.

Liquid Level Viewing Stripe

The liquid level viewing stripe is a key feature to help your auto shop staff determine the levels of motor oil in their stock of bottles. An annoyance many of our auto shop customers complain about is when they’re servicing a vehicle in their shop and they grab a bottle of motor oil, only to discover upon pouring it has little to no fluid left in its reserve. With a liquid level viewing stripe, you and your staff are able to successfully view the exact measurement of liquid left in each and every motor oil bottle at your disposal.

Graduated Neck Chamber (½ oz & 1 oz Increments)

Graduated neck chambers help your staff to pour at a certain pace to ensure efficient and effective pours into a funnel, each and every time. The ½ and 1 ounce increments are great for when you need to go lighter or stronger on the pour of motor oil.

Caps Included with Every Motor Oil Bottle

Our caps are made to properly seal off each and every motor oil bottle when placed back on the shelf. Many motor oil bottle caps may be flimsy and unable to properly secure the top of the motor oil bottle properly. Fret no more, as Consolidated Plastics bottle caps for our motor oil bottles are made to do their job right the first time!

Choose Consolidated Plastics for Your Motor Oil Bottles

If you’re searching for a motor oil bottle to help your auto shop become much more efficient and effective over time, you’re at the right place! Feel free to click the button below to learn more about our motor oil bottles and shop now!