New Year Goals with Consolidated Plastics


New Year Goals with Consolidated Plastics

New year goals have always been a fun activity to set the stage for what the year will have in store. When it comes to maintaining a clean household, business, or workspace, Consolidated Plastics has your back with everything from trash bags, to floor mats, to pet food containers, to zip ties for organization. Read on to learn more about how we can help with our large variety of products to help this year be the best new year yet!

Clean Up Your Space the Right Way with Consolidated Plastics

Cleaning up your space with a product or two can certainly help bring together a space, yet if you utilize all of the products in this post, you’ll find your cleaning routine will have vastly improved. Cleaning, and maintaining a clean space are two different things. With Consolidated Plastics, you’ll be able to maintain your space the right way.

Bag Up Extra Trash with Our Sturdy Trash Bags


Taking out the trash is satisfying, especially when you’ve consolidated all of your garbage in one area and you’re now ready to bag it all up. With our extra heavy duty trash bags, no cleanup project is too big or too small for Consolidated Plastics. Our trash bags are designed for even the toughest jobs out there. So whether you’re cleaning out the garage, the backyard, the warehouse, or the bathrooms; our trash bags will be there for you, every step of the way.


Keep Your Floors Cleaner with Our Floor Mats


A high-quality floor mat from Consolidated Plastics not only has functionality, it’s also a great addition to any entryway space. Our floor mats can be customized in many different ways consisting of different colors, different materials, different designs, and different dimensions. We’re truly able to create on-of-a-kind floor mats for virtually any business or residential need.

Store Pet Food the Right Way with Our Airtight Sealed Buckets


Pet food can take up quite a bit of space. Organize it the right way this year with our food-grade, FDA approved storage buckets and successfully store your pet’s food with ease.Our airtight lids have the ability to prolong the freshness of your pet’s food so your animals can enjoy the food as it was meant to be enjoyed.


Organize Wiring with Our Cable Zip Ties


Our cable zip ties are great for organizing a cluttered space which just has to much going on at once. Declutter your wiring with our cable zip ties and see how much relief you feel when you look at your space and see everything in its right place.


Choose Consolidated Plastics for Your Best 2024 Yet!

Choosing Consolidated Plastics for your best year ever is the right choice. 2024 can be the year you do great things. Start it off right with the correct organizational tools to stay focused, reduce stress, and focus on your goals. Shop now and feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We look forward to working with you soon!