Outdoor Entry Mats: How We Can Improve Your Business


Outdoor Entry Mats: Our Guide

An outdoor entry mat can be the difference between welcoming your customers and dissuading them from wanting to visit your storefront. In this post, we’ll be discussing the various benefits of incorporating an outdoor entry mat into your business’ storefront and what it can do to help your business stand out amongst the competition. If you enjoy reading this post, shop here to see what we’re all about! We have a great selection of outdoor entry mats and you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. Now, let’s explore the world of outdoor entry mats and how Consolidated Plastics is one of the best to do it!

What is an Outdoor Entry Mat?

An outdoor entry mat is quite literally what it sounds like. The mat is provided near, or on the outdoor entrance to your business; both for practical and aesthetic purposes. An outdoor entry mat from Consolidated Plastics comes in multiple shapes, sizes, and forms. Check out our four types of outdoor entry mats right here:



How Do Outdoor Entry Mats Help Your Business?

Outdoor entry mats have the ability to not only improve your business from an aesthetic standpoint, they also have the ability to provide true functionality from the moment they are laid out in front of your business’ doors. Let’s explore how, right now!

All-Season, Outdoor Entry Mats

When you choose to purchase an all-season, outdoor entry mat from Consolidated Plastics, you’re choosing the right stuff! We specialize in producing some of the toughest outdoor entry mats around and we’re willing to stand by that statement with our unconditional guarantee. We’re very confident in our ability to provide a top-tier product at an affordable price for business owners all over America. If you happen to have businesses in areas of the country which experience all four seasons, you’ll find it wise to invest in an all-season outdoor entry mat. Here’s why…

Reduce Slipping Hazards

Reduction of slipping hazards can help your business reduce its chances of being involved in a lawsuit, but not only that; it can help you protect your beloved customers. That sounds like a win-win to us!

Improve Cleanliness of Your Business

Nobody likes to see dried up water stains from snow or rain, or caked on mud on a floor when they first walk in a business’ entryway. Our outdoor entry mat from Consolidated Plastics will help to improve the cleanliness and appearance of your business’ storefront by reducing the amount of snow, rain, mud, and grime which walks in on your customers’ shoes.

How Do Outdoor Entry Mats Improve Curb Appeal?

Many business owners find an outdoor entry mat helps improve the curb appeal of their entryway. In a way, it completes the look and feel of the entrance. Entryway mats have a very welcoming characteristic about them, and we like to think you’re always greeting your customers back into your business with a warm welcome, every time.

Provides a Cleaner Look & Feel

Having all of your ducks in a row, or should we say all of your floor mats rolled out, can help your business stand out from the competition. It’s the little things that often end up in a consumer's mind. Be the best you can be with an outdoor entry mat from Consolidated Plastics and see what we can do for your business.

Indicates Doorway Paths

Another benefit of our outdoor entry mats is the simple fact they indicate the doorway paths. Most people will assume if there’s an outdoor entry mat in front of a doorway, it’s most likely an entrance point. If your business has multiple points of entry, this can be a great way to indicate to customers where to enter the building.

Helps Improve Your Customers’ Day

Our outdoor entry mats help to improve your customers’ day. Whether it’s helping them shake off the snow from their boots, dry their shoes from the rainfall, or even remove some stuck on mud from their favorite pair of shoes; your customers will find the benefits of outdoor entry mats to improve their day, every time they walk through your door.

All of Our Mats Come with Our Unconditional Guarantee

Learn more about what it means to buy a floor mat from Consolidated Plastics by reading over our unconditional guarantee. We mean business, and we’re always striving to provide the best customer experience and satisfaction overall. You’ll know you’ve encountered us when you experience all of the benefits we have to offer our customers.

Order Now, & See the Difference!

What are you waiting for? Order now and see the difference an outdoor entry mat from Consolidated Plastics can make for your business. Click the button below to shop our various styles of outdoor entry mats and feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our products. We look forward to hearing from you soon!