Paper Medicine Cups: What Can They Be Used For?


Paper Medicine Cups Guide: What Can They Be Used For?

Paper medicine cups have so many useful applications aside from their traditional use as; paper medicine cups. Read on to learn more about how Consolidated Plastics has been able to provide many doctor offices, corporate offices, and everyday customers with high-quality paper medicine cups. Enjoy!

Paper Medicine Cups for Doctor Offices

Doctor offices are the primary customer base for our paper medicine cups and we’ve found a plethora of applicable uses in a doctor office setting. Everything from offering patients a cup of water, to measuring a certain amount of medicine to initially provide to a patient. The high-quality build of our paper medicine cups has helped many doctors and patients receive quality care.

Paper Medicine Cups for Water Cooler

An office water cooler can be a great conversation starter and place to catch up with fellow co-workers. Having the right water cups, in this case paper medicine cups, will help ensure everyone is able to enjoy a nice, refreshing cup of water to keep them hydrated throughout the work day. A water cooler is more than just a “water cooler”, it’s a place for co-workers to bond over the goals of the company.

Paper Medicine Cups for Personal Use

If you have a water cooler at home, or if you take liquid medicine which requires graduated measurement; you’ll want to enlist the help of our paper medicine cups. Having a stack of our paper medicine cups in your home office, your at-home gym, or even on your bathroom counter to assist you with taking your medication; you’ll find the uses extend well beyond the status quo.

3 oz. Wax Treated

Our 3 ounce paper medicine cups are wax treated to provide stability and resilience against the liquids being housed within the cup itself. 

Graduated Levels in Ounces, Grams, Teaspoons, & Milliliters

The graduated levels in ounces, grams, teaspoons, and milliliters are perfect for those who need to accurately measure their medicine. Ensuring accuracy with medications is important, and with our paper medicine cups, you can be assured you’re taking an accurate dose every time.

Sold in 100-Count Packs

Our paper medicine cups come in 100-count packs. We’ve found this quantity to be suitable for every environment. If you’d like to inquire about ordering a higher quantity, please contact us for further details and we’ll be happy to help!

Choose Consolidated Plastics for Your Paper Medicine Cups

If you’re searching for paper medicine cups. You’re at the right place! Learn more about our paper medicine cups and how you can improve your doctor office, your corporate office, or your home lifestyle with our excellent paper medicine cups. Click the button below to shop now!