Zip Ties for Luggage


Zip Ties for Luggage

Zip ties for luggage can serve multiple purposes. In this post, we’ll be discussing the various benefits of utilizing zip ties to identify your luggage, protect the contents of your luggage, and keep your luggage close together to prevent losing your luggage along the way. Enjoy!

How Our Zip Ties Can Help Your Travel Adventures Go to Plan

As mentioned above, our zip ties for luggage can help prevent a number of disappointing incidents from occurring. Read on to learn more about how our zip ties are made to work with our customers’ needs and will allow you to have one of the best trips ever.

Protect Your Luggage Contents from Nefarious Inspectors & Passengers

Look up “TSA theft” on Google News and you’ll see hundreds of articles detailing how nefarious TSA workers chose to steal from unsuspecting passengers’ luggage. Thai breach of trust seems to be happening more and more as the years go on, yet you can add an extra layer of security to your bag in the form of a tamper-evident zip tie from Consolidated Plastics. Our zip ties will secure your luggage in the locking area on your zipper and you’ll be able to see if the zip tie itself was cut to access your bag. Obviously, this does nothing to prevent the actual act of theft, but it allows you to have more proof to your claim for stolen goods if you do happen to become a victim of this growing problem. Read one of the most recent articles regarding TSA theft right here.

Additionally, while you’re sleeping on your next flight, there may be some passengers who feel they have a right to snoop, inspect, and steal from your overhead luggage. This is a complaint commonly received when something goes missing mid-flight from the overhead compartment. Protect what’s yours with a quick zip-tie of your carry-on luggage.

Keep Your Luggage Close Together

Using zip ties to keep your luggage connected with each piece of additional luggage can keep a couple of bags closely together, resulting in a lesser likelihood of bags going missing in the logistical process.

Use Our Zip Ties On the Luggage Handle as an Easy Identifier

Our zip ties can be used to uniquely identify luggage, so if you’d like to add an extra identifier to help you locate your bag much more efficiently, you’ll want to add one of our zip ties to your baggage handle.

Finally, Enjoy Your Trip!

Ultimately, whether you’re traveling for work or vacation, you'll want to simply enjoy the traveling experience. If you’re able to worry about one less thing, you’ll likely find yourself less stressed, more focused, and in an overall better mood. Feel free to shop now using the button below. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!