Buying Guide: Outdoor Entryway Mats | Consolidated Plastics

Outdoor Entryway Mat Buying Guide

Use this buying guide to identify the entryway mat that most accurately meets the needs of your facility.   

Outdoor entryway mats are essential products for keeping your business facility clean  and safe.  Effectively removing unwanted dirt and moisture from shoes, Consolidated Plastics line of heavy-duty rubber entryway mats makes sure that the outdoors remain outside; leaving your facility untarnished and hazard free.



Super Scrape Mats

Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scrapper Mats

United Mat Brush Scrape Mats

Price for Smallest Size




Max Size

70” x 95”

36” x 72”

45” x 118”

Mat Thickness




Special Features

NSFI Certified Slip Resistant

2,500 rubber scrapers per square foot

100% fade resistant dyed nylon

Recycled Content

20% recycled rubber

37% recycled rubber

15% recycled rubber

Color Options


Boot Scraper

Outdoor Use

Indoor Use


High Traffic Areas


Shop for the perfect Outdoor Entryway Mat for your business.