Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Since our founding in 1981 we have published and stood proudly behind Our Guarantee:

Our guarantee to you is simple. If you're not completely satisfied with any product, at any time, return it to us for a prompt refund or exchange.

We have taken this one step further in our 40th year. We now offer free shipping as well as free returns! In addition, all of our commercial mats will start carrying warranties. No other commercial matting seller backs their product up with a warranty.

Stating a guarantee is simple, any one who has seen the movie Tommy Boy knows that's the case, but standing behind your guarantee is what matters. As the founders' son of Consolidated Plastics I grew up testing products. My "toys" as a kid were bottles and containers . Now as the owner I continue to test each and every product myself. We promise to sell only the highest quality plastic bags, bottles & containers as well as only the longest lasting and heaviest duty floor mats made! In addition, we have worked extremely hard to source as many products as we can from American Made manufacturers. If you have any improvements we can make to our products, I'm all ears, as we are constantly looking to make them better.

In addition to standing behind our product, our guarantee includes quality service. We promise to give you the best customer service anywhere, and dare you to find that at the world's largest retailer, who we won't name. We strive for Arete, a word that the Greeks had, meaning "excellence".