Swiss Watering Can # Red, 12 Liter

Introducing the epitome of luxury gardening tools - the Swiss-made watering can.

Crafted with precision and expertise by A. & J. Stöckli AG, this watering can is not just a tool, it is a masterpiece. Made with the finest quality low-density plastic, each can is molded with care to create a seamless and elegant design that is both lightweight and durable.

The sleek and ergonomic design of this watering can will elevate any garden or indoor plant collection, making it the perfect addition to any plant lover's arsenal. With different sizes to choose from, this can will help you efficiently water your plants with ease, while its comfortable handle provides a secure and comfortable grip for prolonged use.

Made with UV stable plastic, this watering can is built to last and withstand the test of time – meaning a 5 year Warranty is just the start of it’s useful life!  Each size serves a specific purpose, in typical Swiss fashion:

2 Liter (1/2 gallon) – made for watering your indoor plants, this one comes with a very useful directional spout.

4 Liter (1 gallon) – smaller means lighter weight, making this a great one for kids or if you just have a few plants to water.  The 4 liter watering can comes with both the directional spout for precision watering, as well as a shower attachment.

5 Liter (1 1/3 gallons)  – this can has a very long neck – purpose built for greenhouses and is the ideal watering can for your hanging baskets.

7 Liter (1 7/8 gallons) – the optimal balance of size & weight – the 7 Liter watering can is perfect for watering your outdoor plants without being too heavy once filled to the top.  This one comes with a shower attachment for gentle watering.

10 Liter (2 2/3 gallons) – the ultimate watering can.  This Swissy packs a punch – she has both the directional spout & shower attachment, meaning complete versatility for any watering need.  Having 10 liters of capacity, you will save on trips back to the water spigot.

12 Liter (3 1/4 gallons) – the extra large watering can.  The 12 liter comes with both the directional spout & shower attachment.  With12 liters of capacity, you will build muscle and save on refilling trips!

Investing in this Swiss-made watering can is not just about acquiring a tool, it's about acquiring a piece of art that will elevate your gardening experience to a whole new level. So go ahead, indulge in the ultimate luxury gardening tool and make watering your plants a joyous and elegant affair.

  • 2 Liter - Comes with directional spout only
  • 4 Liter - Comes with both shower & directional spout
  • 5 Liter - Comes with shower only
  • 7 Liter - Comes with shower only
  • 10 Liter - Comes with both shower & directional spout
  • 12 Liter - Comes with both shower & directional spout
    Swiss Made
    5 Year Warranty
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    Part No. 44050

    Swiss Watering Can
    Swiss Watering Can
    Swiss Watering Can
    Swiss Watering Can
    Swiss Watering Can
    Swiss Watering Can
    Swiss Watering Can
    Swiss Watering Can

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